About Us
J&B pools is a business built on the principles of quality of work, and customer service.

J&B pools was formed with a singular thought in mind. Give the customer the highest quality of work possible for the services we provide, and ensure their experience with J&B pools was as stress free as possible. With over 10 years experience in installation, service, and repairs of all types of pools and equipment we've done just that.

What can you expect when you use J&B pools for your service needs?
You can expect great customer service from beginning to end. Prompt responses from email, phone, or social media messaging, and being onsite when we say we'll be there, no excuses, just great customer service with you, the client in mind. Couple that with our impeccable quality of work and you have a company that is responsive, caring, and with over 10 years experience in the field great at what we do.

What we are best at

Our Services

Dependable pool service
Count on J&B pools for routine pool maintenance from skimming and vacuuming to balancing water chemistry. We've got you covered.
Expert Pool Repairs
At J&B pools we provide repair services for all pool equipment and accessories.
New Equipment Installations
Let J&B pools add a heater, filtration equipment or salt system to your pool, fully customizing your backyard vacation.
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Inquire today for a price quote on pool maintenance, pool repair or pool renovation.
Upgrade your pool
Our technicians will give your pool a makeover with our extensive renovation services, including tile replacement, coping and decking.
Irrigation Installs and repairs
J&B pools also offers irrigation installation and service to make sure your lawn is just as happy as your pool.
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